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Feedback from John

Nov 07, 2019

In the early morning of March 27, I received the below photo from John, a client from Zambia.

John undertook a tender for their local MINISTRY OF HEALTH, 100 spot lights with delivery deadline March 25. He found some suppliers, but the MINISTRY OF HEALTH was not satisfied with the products. Finally, he found us on March 13, then he had already booked an international flight to Shanghai the next day.

When John arrived our factory at 10:00am on the 15th, he visited the workshop. And based on his requirement, we made some upgrade of the lights, which the stock of spare parts was insufficient.

At that time, we only have 10 days, include transit time 6 days, that’s means, the production time is 3 days only.

Thanks to my boss’ supporting, he called 12 suppliers one by one, asked them to delivery the spare parts at the earliest by SF. At last, we received all the accessories on Mar 17.

Finally, this order was ready in the late night of the 18th. And they were delivered out in time.

If there is any delay , MINISTRY OF HEALTH will cancel the order and not pay for the tender.

Thanks to our trustworthy forwarder, the goods were smoothly transferred and arrived at Lusaka Airport on the evening of the 24th. John went to the airport to clear the goods as soon as received the notification. After installation and inspection, he sent me the above picture.

He said that, thanks so much for your help dear, you are the best supplier I’ve found in China.