Infection in Beijing “likely” to increase, when will the Covid-19 over

Infection in Beijing “likely” to increase, when will the Covid-19 over

Jun 18, 2020

Beijing, our capital reported 31 new COVID-19 cases on Tuesday, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 137 since the first new local case was reported on June 11.

As we all known, China has stepped up overall measurement to fight for Covid-19 since January 2020. In the end, these measures avoided the large-scale spread in the other city of China, and allow us to back to work in one month.

Now, in Beijing-the capacity of China, the measures of epidemic prevention haven’t been canceled all, the infection likely to increase. How can we protect ourselves and our family during the Covid-19?

Here we share some tips with you:

1. Stay home, stay safe;

2. Don't go out if it's necessary, especially the crowned places, such as supermarket;

3. Wash the hands frequently, especially when we touch something outside, such as elevator button, door handle, or shake hands;

4. Always wear mask when we go outside, and keep around 1 meter social distance with people;

5. Less shake hands, less hug, less body contact.

6. Last and most important, take more rich protein food, such as eggs, milk, fish, etc to improve our immunity.

It will get well soon. Best of luck to you and your family.