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To be an agent/ distributor

Technical support

Related to WEYUAN lights, When you have any technical questions related to WEYUAN OT lights and exam lights, please feel free to call/email to get support of any issues. The technical staff at the factory are prepared to help you. A solution can be made to make an adjustment or identify a replacement part via the call/email within 48 hours.



We warrants to customer that each lights will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use in accordance with the user manual provided by WEYUAN.
Generally, we offer one year warranty for all the OT lights and exam lights,the warranties can be extend to three or five years based on each customer’s preference.
When the warranty period is expired, failure or damage caused by improper and careless moving, services will be charged at reasonable cost and it should be born by the user.


Equipment Installation

Generally, customers have staff that are capable of performing the installation with in-house personnel. Then we will provide technical support, manuals and videos to aid these trained individuals in the process, to assure WEYUAN lights are properly and safely installed

Get an installation video, please call/email us.