WY3001A Side Controlled Multi-Purpose Hydraulic Operating Table

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Product Details

WY3001 and WY3001A Multi-purpose operating table are side-controlled. They are suitable for surgeries of the general department, heart and renal, orthopedics, neurosurgery, gynecology and urology. The tabletop lifting is controlled by a hydraulic pump, and all the adjustments of the table are on the sides.

WY3001 is made from carbon steel with plastic spraying. WY3001A from stainless steel.

Standard Accessory
Arm support
2 pcs
Knee Crutch
2 pcs
1 set
Arm support
2 pcs
Body support
2 pcs
Anaesthetic screen
1 set
Hand-hold control
1 set

Technical Parameter

Model No.


Length/ Width/ Height

2000mm/ 480mm/ 700mm



Trendelenburg/ Reverse Trendelenburg

≥30°/ ≥20°

Lateral tilt( left/ right)


Back plate(up/ down)

≥80°/ ≥18°

Head rest(up/ down)

≥45°/ ≥90°

Kidney bridge elevation


Leg plate( down)