WYLEDL320 Remote Control Deep Cavity Hight Intensity LED Examination Light Floor Standing

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Product Details
WYLED320 is specifically designed for diagnose and minor procedure lighting tasks. With high intensity and cool lighting, which is widely used for minor procedure, accurate diagnosis and treatment in physician officiants, clinics, emergency rooms, exam rooms, labor and delivery suites, ICU rooms, nursing homes and veterinarian offices.

Delivers up to 105,000 lux of pure, white, cool light

7 grade intensity lighting adjustment, meeting the diagnostic examinations and minor surgeries lighting

Uniform homogeneous lighting for Deep cavity procedure, light beam concentrated, illumination depth up to 800mm, conducive to finding disease resource

High color rendering index and real color reduction, convenient for identifying the lesion

Remote control light ON/OFF and intensity adjustment, improve operation efficiency

Clear and round spot boundary with uniform luminance

Offer better tissue discrimination with a CRI up to 93, true color rendition

Soft light with color temperature of 4,000K, eye-friendly

"777" lighting technology guaranteeing safety of the procedures even the LED burnt

Negligible temperature rise and low irradiation, minimizing wound moisture loss, conducive to healing after surgery

Clear and round spot boundary with uniform luminance, reduce eye strain and improve observation quality

Technical Parameter
Intensity: 40,000-100,000 Lux
Color temperature: 4000K±300K

Color rendering index: ≥95 Ra%, ≥90 R9%

Light field diameter: 150±50 mm
Depth of illumination: 800 mm
Light source: Osram LED
Qty of LEDs: 21
LED lifetime: 50,000hrs

Diameter of lamp head: 320mm